Goal of Program​

The spring program showcases the personality and offers a whole new library of backgrounds to go with the season. It includes ¾ pose portraits of individuals with the option for multi-subject pictures and classroom group photos. An excellent choice for anyone looking for single headshots and graduation photos!


This program is very similar to the fall program aside from a few key differences. Nontraditional poses are encouraged, and props may be used for the spring program. Due to the inconstant posing, composites and service items are not offered. On the bright side, multi-subject portraits, like sibling photos, are encouraged! The program, directed more towards students ages 5-12, typically runs from February to April. Adults are generally not photographed for this program, and retakes are not typically included.

Featured Products:

  • Regular Portrait Packages w/ New Spring Backgrounds
  • Classroom Group Photos
  • Administrative Exports Package