Goal of Program​

The program for everything sports! It includes ¾ pose portraits of individuals with the option to crop to head and shoulder portraits and a team photo. Every team representative should participate in this program to offer its intended products, like team composites and administrative exports.
Our sports program’s primary focus is on high school and middle school teams. However, it can also accommodate sports leagues not affiliated with schools. The sports program runs all year long for sports teams of every season.


Photography usually occurs at the beginning of the sports season and after school hours or during practice time. Photography may be done with an on-location set or with our background replacement setup. Make-up rain dates might be necessary if sports photos are planned for outdoor locations.

Featured Products:

  • Sports Portrait Packages w/ Memory Mate & Buddy Button Options
  • Team Group Photos
  • Composite Group Photos
  • Senior Banners
  • Administrative Exports Package